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Roofing Tips

1) Hire ONLY state licensed and insured contractors!

Tips for Hiring a Florida Roofing Contractor:

The contractors that you consider should be licensed and insured by some firm. Verification can be done by contacting at 850-487-1395 (the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation in Tallahassee) or the local building departments. You may also check online at or

2) Experience is Key!

Make sure the experience of the contractor you choose is in the region of the state you are having work completed in. South Florida has so many codes different than most of the state that you want to make sure the contractor is competent in the guidelines as well as his craftsmanship to be compliant.

3) Never be rushed or pressured into a decision!

Always be confident and comfortable in all of your decisions, whether it is the contractor you hire or the product(s) you choose for your project.

4) Metal Roofs!

For the Eco-conscious consumers, a metal roof is a great way to go! The longevity of the roof and energy-savings will deeply diminish your carbon footprint.

5) Roof Maintenance!

A new roof, older roof; or a new home owner....roof maintenance is a great option to extend the life of your roof. Get an initial survey to analyze your roof's conditions and develop a detailed and specific maintenance program.

Maintenance can help save the "nickel and dime" expenses of a roof! Click here to get your roof maintenance program https://​

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